Lookout Mountain EQUIPMENT + RENTALS

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Our training packages provide the necessary equipment during the tandem and hill training phases of your program. In addition, the following packages provide for a certain number of mountain flights using LMFP equipment.


EAGLE PACKAGE– 4 Mountain Launches with Gear

VIP PACKAGE– 5 Mountain Launches with Gear



Please Be Advised: As a foot launch student, rental gear is subject to availability and is rented out as first come first serve.

We hope that you will purchase equipment from LMFP during or after your training program. We know that if you purchase equipment, you will keep flying. New pilots that do not purchase equipment generally quit flying. For your own sake, buy your new or used equipment from us. We mentor our students and want to fly with them for years in the future. We also have 40 years of outstanding reputation to uphold. We will only sell a glider and other equipment that is right for you.

When you buy equipment from LMFP, you will receive good, airworthy equipment. This equipment will have been super pre-flighted and test flown. This equipment will be deemed adequate for your skill level by our staff, and will be fitted for your needs and size requirements. This is a $250 value that must occur before you can fly a used piece of equipment here.

When you buy a glider from us, we show you the correct way to set it up and break it down. We take you to the hills and teach you in a safe environment how to fly your new equipment. It will fly slightly different than your very forgiving training equipment. This is a value of $149 per morning session on the hill. If it takes you three sessions, that will be $447. The combined value with the super preflight inspection is $697. This is free to you when purchasing equipment at LMFP! Please don’t try to pinch pennies where your safety is concerned, you probably won’t save money in the long run.

Inexperienced pilots purchasing equipment off the street almost always waste their money. Many used gliders are outdated with unforgiving and dangerous flying characteristics. Many of these look brand new because no rational person ever wanted to fly them. Be aware that unsuspecting pilots may purchase these gliders (and then later sell them for a loss) hoping to get a great deal. In the process, these people are lucky to not hurt themselves in the one and only flight they make on these gliders. But they definitely have a horrific experience and never fly again!

Many used gliders are sold by their owners because they no longer perform or handle like they used to. Is this the glider you want to buy? Please do not expect us to fix your glider that you purchased off the street. Usually, they aren’t worth fixing.

Please support LMFP and purchase your equipment from your instructors that know you and care about you. We will match a glider with your budget, skill level, and flying goals to give you the best equipment. Remember, we want to fly with you for years to come!

If purchasing equipment does not meet your budget, you can rent equipment. Keep in mind that graduating students will get first dibs on using the equipment.


 1 flight solo mountain glider $50.00

1 day solo mountain glider $120.00

1 flight solo aero tow glider $20.00


The important thing after your training is to keep flying! Keep in mind that if you wait a year to buy equipment after you finish training, you probably will stop flying all together. On the flip side, once you buy equipment, virtually all the costs to fly are done. The air is free!