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Learn how to Paraglide!


Discover paragliding with a certified instructor by your side.

Paragliding Mountain Launch Tandems take flight from our grassy slope launch on Lookout Mountain.  Your instructor will guide you through the entire experience.

How it works

Wearing a chair-like harness, you and your instructor will stand on our sloped launch and, while facing forward, run toward the edge of and off the mountainside together. After a few running steps, you can expect to be floating blissfully in the air away from the mountain and will then be able to sit back in their harness as if sitting in a chair. Enjoy the amazing views along Lookout Mountain while your instructor seated right behind you controlling the lines of the paragliding wing above. When heading down to land, you can expect to slowly descend toward our large, grassy landing field. Your instructor will be guiding you the whole way on the landing process before and during your flight. As a passenger, you simply need to lift your legs up when instructed to slowly slide in while remaining seated in your harness. Easy peasy!
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Minimum age 10
  • Weight limit 210 pounds
When booking, you will schedule the date of your flight. In the days leading up to your scheduled flight, your instructor will check weather conditions and contact you to confirm your specific flight time.
To book your tandem: Contact our office directly at 706-383-1292. All tandems can be booked Thursday through Monday between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM EST.  



Want to surf the skies, maybe hook some thermals? Interested in being able to go flying anywhere while on your vacation? Learn how to paraglide and you can bring your wing with you everywhere!


Our VIP package is designed to meet all the needs of the dedicated P2 student pilot. You can learn to ground handle, forward and reverse launch. You can gain a thorough understanding of micro-climatology and glider performance on your way to completing your first mountain launches. Start your flying career off right and learn from our expert instructors!

  • Beginner Ground School
  • Kiting Sessions
  • Unlimited Training Hill Flights
  • Official Training Manual
  • 5 Supervised P2 Site Mountain Launches

$1999 when purchasing your equipment through Lookout Mountain.
$2799 if you already own equipment or wish to purchase through another third party company.

*The basic equipment package costs around $5,900 plus tax and shipping. It includes the glider, harness, helmet and reserve.

* All paragliding lesson packages are good for one year from the date of purchase.

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Two Day Paragliding Intro Course


Curious about what these magic backpacks are all about? Been hang gliding for years but want a little more portability? Jealous of seeing all your friends get up in light lift? Give paragliding a chance and see what everyone’s raving about!


  • Beginner Ground School
  • Kiting Session
  • Two lessons total on our beautiful training hills.
  • Lessons are 2-3.5 hours


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One Day Paragliding Introductory Experience

Always wanted to experience the thrill of flight? Enchanted by visions of soaring the Alps? Try paragliding for a day and you will fly, guaranteed! 

Paragliding has come a long way in the last twenty years. Gliders are now far safer and easier to handle than ever before. Spend a morning session on our training hills and learn just how easy it can be to fly!

Beginner Ground School

Kiting Session

1 day on our Training Hills with 2-4 Opportunities to Fly


* All lesson packages are good for two years from the date of purchase.

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