Guidelines and Policies

Business Hours:

Morning training hill classes (weather permitting) are available by reservation seven days per week. Evening classes are available by special arrangement. Tandem flights, again weather permitting, are flown by reservation each day except Tuesday and Wednesday. Our pro shop and office are open 9 AM until 6 PM Eastern time Thursday through Monday.


LMFP Training Hills

The training hills are open seven days a week. All hang gliding hill training starts at 7:30am. Paragliding classes start at 11am. Students must call the office ahead of time to get on the schedule. In regard to transportation, please plan accordingly as after you have filled out your paperwork in our office you will then drive your vehicle a short distance to our training hills so you can begin your lesson!

If you’d like to request an evening lesson, this would be considered a private lesson (outside of package flights) and is $50 paid to the instructor. To schedule evening lessons, you must call the shop ahead of time. Evening lessons can be shared and the cost split with other students.

Mountain Launching Outside of Our Normal Office Hours: Extra Fees Applied

– If you are a student/pilot who wishes to schedule any Morning or Evening Mountain Launches outside of our normal Office Hours you will be required to pay a $50 Private Lesson Fee. This fee applies to any Mountain Launch Sessions with Instructor Assistance that you wish to schedule for *before* 9 AM and *after* 6 PM.

All of these fees are in place because, when you book one of the above sessions, our instructors are operating outside of their “normal” work schedule.
All fees will go directly to the instructor to compensate them for taking on this extra lesson outside of their standard work hours.

These $50 fees are required in order for your instructor to continue with the lesson, so we kindly ask that you provide your payment to the instructor before any lessons start.
These are usually paid in cash, however, you are welcome to discuss with your instructor directly if they would be open to accepting a check or Venmo/PayPal.


Please Note: These lessons will be $50 total. If more than (1) student is on the schedule for said lesson the fee will be split amongst the group. Example: (2) students on a lesson would have each student paying $25 to their instructor before a lesson starts.


Office and Tandem Flight Hours

Thursday – Monday
9:00am – 6:00pm

Thursday – Monday *hours may change depending on weather conditions
9:00am – 6:00pm

Spring and Fall
Thursday – Monday
9:00am – 6:00pm


Pricing and Gift Certificates

Prices are subject to change. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Vouchers purchased from third party deal sites like Groupon cannot be refunded or recovered by us if they are lost. We do not allow combinations, additions, or multiplications of any two deals, coupons, discounts, or special rates. All coupons, vouchers, and deals must be presented before the transaction is made.

We host many wedding festivities, birthday parties, camps, college groups, and community organizations each year. Group rates start for groups of 10 or more and typically require at least a month’s notice. LMFP is insured through the Recreation Risk Retention Group and is a PASA and USHPA Rated school. Additional Insured COIs are available should your group organization request it.

For more information and special pricing please call 706-383-1292.


Ratings and Solo Flights:

Ratings cannot be guaranteed with packages. Our lesson packages are designed around the average student. In order to receive a USHPA rating or be allowed to make solo flights, student pilots must demonstrate the proper skills to safely fly solo. While the majority of students earn their rating with the instruction included in their training package, some individuals may need additional instruction if they have not mastered the skills required to achieve their rating.


Payment and Reservations:

All package prices are in US dollars. Vouchers purchased from third party sites cannot be refunded or accounted for by LMFP if lost. We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express. Cash payments are accepted at our Pro Shop. Full payment is required to make reservations. Reservations are not required but are strongly recommended for tandem flights. To reschedule your training or flight please give at least 48 hours’ notice. There are no fees to reschedule as long as notice has been given. Flights and lesson packages are valid for two years from the date of purchase. Unlimited training hill flights on the P2 VIP Packages are good for one year from the date of purchase.

For lesson packages, cancellations must be made within 30 days of purchase date. All refunds are subject to a 15% service fee. No refund will be made on packages once they have been started. For questions and details on this policy please call.


Cancellations and Refunds:

Learn-To-Fly Packages – Cancellation within 30 days of purchase date will be subject to a 15% processing fee. Refunds are not given on lesson packages once training has begun. There are no refunds on packages after 30 days from the purchase date. Unlimited training hill flights on the P2 VIP Packages are good for one year from the date of purchase. All other lesson packages are valid for two years from the date of purchase.

Tandem Discovery Flights – If we cannot provide Discovery Tandem Flights on your scheduled date, we are happy to reschedule your flight. There is no charge for rescheduling your flight prior to 48 hours of scheduled flight time. Cancellation of any tandem, for any reason, within 30 days of purchase date will be subject to a 15% processing fee. No refunds are given for tandem flights after 30 days from purchase date. No refunds given for weather or for flights cancelled by customer within 48 hours of scheduled flight time. Discovery Tandem Flights are valid for two years from date of purchase.


Shipping Policy

During the check out process on Lookout Mountain Flight Park’s online shop, you will be able to select your shipping method. We currently offer USPS or UPS. Shipping amounts are calculated by the third-party shipping company and are based upon size and/or weight of the shipment as well as service level.

When an order is placed, it will be shipped to an address designated by the purchaser as long as that shipping address is compliant with the shipping restrictions contained on the Site. We use a third-party shipping agent to ensure the delivery of your purchased products.

Regardless of the effort we put in to meet all delivery deadlines, we do not warrant the delays may not happen because of postal/carrier delays, logistics, or bad weather. However, we will keep you updated via email as much as we can, and you should be able to track your parcel’s progress.

Please keep in mind that we are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so items will only be shipped out on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Return Policy

This information is regarding the purchase of any accessory, part, book, or apparel item on our online store.

We accept returns and refund 100% of the cost of the item only within 30 days of the purchase date and when the item is in new condition and does not show any signs of wear.

We do not accept or issue refunds on the purchase of a hang glider or paraglider. To purchase a hang glider or paraglider, you must be a rated USHPA pilot or a student currently enrolled in one of our training programs.

To reference our full return policy on our hang gliding and paragliding tandems, experiences, or lesson packages, please reference the Full Refund Policy below.



Free flight is a very weather dependent sport. Should weather result in unsafe flying conditions on the day of your scheduled flight, LMFP will do our best to keep in touch and contact you on conditions. Rescheduling your flight is free, and your flight passes are valid for two years (unlimited P2 training hill flights are valid for one year). LMFP is not able to offer refunds for weathered out dates. Flexibility and understanding is appreciated as we navigate Mother Nature’s whims to provide a safe and exciting experience for all who fly!


Age Requirements and Weight Guidelines:

All students must be at least 10 years of age to fly in a tandem flight. Students must be 12 years of age to train on the training hills. All aspiring pilots under the age of 18 year old must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign their waiver. Waivers can be requested by email, if youth are traveling without parents. Please call the shop for more details.

The maximum weight for a hang gliding tandem flight is 250lbs. Students between 230lbs and 250lbs will require smooth conditions and are recommended to schedule early in the morning. The maximum weight for paragliding tandems is 200 pounds.

Students on the training hills must be at least 4’11” and weigh at least 100lbs.


Club Policies:

All pilots flying at LMFP are required to be at least H2 or P2 USHPA rated pilots and have an LMFP club membership. Club memberships can be signed at the shop on top of the mountain. A site briefing is required for all first time visiting pilots. Rates are available for monthly or annual passes. Use of all club facilities is available with a membership including launches, LZ, private pool area, volley ball court, clubhouse, camp ground, shop lounge, and cabin rentals. Further details on use of facilities is included in membership form.



Once you have been informed of our policies and you have completed your purchase with us and we have processed your payment this will begin your contractual agreement with us.
We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, amend, add, or remove portions of our policies at any given time.
Questions or comments regarding these Terms of Use should be sent by email to and addressed directly to an acting manager.


We are a family-owned business as well as a completely weather-dependent sport!
Because of these reasons, we do not offer a typical refund policy.
Another way to think of our activity: In the very same way of a commercial airline flight being canceled due to inclement weather, causing delays, potential cancelations, or a complete change of plan that will not be eligible for a typical (if any) refund policy, we, too, experience a very similar atmosphere and policy with our free-flight sport.
We follow all applicable rules and regulations outlined by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for our sport.



Weather is ever changing and cannot ever be 100% calculable. Please be mindful of this when partaking in any form of free-flight activity.
It is important to note that your schedule will be completely dependent on advanced weather conditions.
We are not limited to rain cancellation; meaning, if it is a beautiful sunny day outside, we may still be experiencing underlying weather conditions that may not be apparent or applicable outside of an experienced pilot’s knowledge but will, nonetheless, be out of our safety margins.
All of our pilots have been extensively trained in understanding weather policy and conditions that will impede us from safely flying with you before they are eligible for a tandem instructor certification and license.
Safety is our number one priority here at Lookout Mountain Flight Park, and we ask that you be continuously mindful of this before your purchase.

If you are interested in a detailed list or explanation on what type of conditions and criteria are required for a flight to proceed, please call or email our helpful office staff who will be happy to discuss conditions with you!



Should you be unable to fly due to inclement weather or due to any personal reasons subject to our discretion and including but not limited to: travel constraints, inconvenience, and COVID-19, all policies stated to you will stand unless directly stated otherwise.

OPTION 1: When you purchase directly through us, your ticket will be valid for TWO years to come use your tandem flights or packages purchased with us!
We offer this policy for company viability as well as to allow our customers who join us from all over the world to enjoy their package at their convenience.


Please be advised:

With any form of flight, certain conditions are required for safety of our passengers and pilots, so we do experience cancellations due to various inclement weather conditions.
As previously mentioned, we have experts and experienced pilots watching the wind speeds and overall weather conditions in order to give you the most accurate information possible.
We do not make cancellations lightly, but we will cancel due to safety concerns.
We will place all flights on hold while conditions are accessed further in order to make the safest final call while we work diligently to make your flight happen.
When cancellations are required, we will contact you with as much notice as possible in order to accommodate you. Please be mindful that we may not receive the most updated information until after your arrival due to weather constantly changing. We promise that your flexibility will be worth it when you experience this magical form of free-flight!
Office staff will contact you as soon as the updated information is presented to them.

OPTION 2: Should you choose not to come back and fly with us within your two-year window, we do offer an 85% refund within 30 DAYS of your original purchase.
Please note: The 15% that is held goes directly toward covering all credit card fees and any other applicable fees lost associated directly with supporting the viability of our family-owned business as well as our beloved and hard-working staff members who work diligently to give our customers the best, most current information each and every day to the best of their ability. You will not be eligible to get this 85% refund until 48 hours after your scheduled flight.

Tickets are also fully transferrable which means: No matter whose name is on the ticket you can gift them or sell them yourself; if you wish to do so or you are unable to use the ticket yourself.
All transfers will need to be handled by the owner of the original ticket and will require a phone call to our office in order to change the name of the participant.
We will not participate in helping you sell your ticket, and all personal transactions will need to be made through the original ticket holder and the new purchaser.



All of these required policies and procedures will be fully mentioned and outlined to you at time of purchase in-person and with over-the-phone purchases.
Should you choose to purchase directly through our website, you will, also, be advised of these policies in our agreement portion of checkout which must be “marked as read” in order to proceed. If you choose to purchase online, the short version of our policy will be displayed on the check-out page.
If you are paying to book for someone other than yourself: All policies will still apply for the said party partaking in the activity once you have agreed to the terms of service for them. As the purchaser, you have agreed to the Terms of Service directly associated with the booking and all terms will stand for the passenger/guest who is scheduled to fly with us.
If someone who is not flying purchases for you: All terms and policies will apply to each individual that is flying with us or has paid with us once the purchaser has acknowledged the agreement for you.
If you do not agree to the terms through our online booking system, you will be unable to process your payment online through our booking software until you have clicked that you agree.
From this point, after your purchase, you will void your option for a standard, full refund under this policy.
We are not responsible for any person(s) using any of our services or making a purchase in a way that breaks the law or any person(s) who misconstrues the final Terms of Service and Agreement that has been outlined to them.



Hang gliding tandems have a strict weight limit of 250 pounds.
We will not fly anyone who is over the weight limit of 250 pounds.
Paragliding tandems have a strict weight limit of 200 pounds.
On the day of your flight, if you are close to our safety cut-off range, we will require a weight assessment during the check-in portion of your scheduled flight.
Should you be over our weight limit, we will be unable to fly with you at this time.
This policy will not change.
There are no exceptions to our safety rules.
Trying to persuade a staff member or pilot to break these safety rules will result in the breaking of this contract and will permanently place you on our Restricted Flyers List; voiding you from flying with us, indefinitely, and we will reserve the right to void any type of refund that may be issued.
Please understand: If you are over our weight limit you put our pilots and yourself at great risk.
If you are over our weight limit of 250 lbs (200 lbs for paragliding flights), all above, standard policies will apply to you with the following exception:
When you come for your first scheduled flight: If you are over our weight limit, we know this can be a disappointing experience. Because of this, we will offer you a one-time refund if you are physically unable to fly with us due to weight or health issues and you believe, to the best of your ability, that you will never be able to complete your flight.
We will encourage you to reschedule and opt for our (2) year policy if you believe, to the best of your ability, that you are able to return at a later date and fly with us when weight limit requirements can be met.
This full refund will be offered to you one time. This option will only be offered to you if you are over the weight limit and it is your very first time meeting with us for your flight.
If you are not over the weight limit on the first date of your flight, this policy does not apply to you.

If you are offered this option:
You will only be offered (1) time on the first date of your first scheduled flight.
If you choose to opt for the 2-year policy instead of the full refund policy, this will then void your ability to receive a full refund— permanently. You will only be eligible for the standard policy of an 85% refund within the first 30 days of the purchase.
If you return to a second scheduled date of your flight, and you are still over the weight limit OR if you wish to receive the full refund at this point, you will not be eligible for a full refund as it is only available on your first date of the original scheduled flight.
If you are purchasing for someone who is over the weight limit, the (1) time refund weight policy will still stand for the participant in question.
We keep all information and weights on file and will notate any refunds offered and accepted.
Because it needs to be said: If you are not over our weight limit and you gain weight in order to go over our weight limit, this will not qualify you for a full refund and any negligence of this policy on the customer’s part may lead to the customer being placed on our Restricted Flyers List.
We reserve the right to void this weight limit policy if it is not directly offered to you or if it is violated, taken advantage of, or misconstrued by anyone in the party.
We reserve the right to void or change any and all policies and terms if it is not directly offered to you or if it is violated, taken advantage of, or misconstrued by anyone in the party.
We cannot be held responsible or liable if any or all Policy or Terms and Conditions are not read or listened to during the initial purchase period or the purchaser has failed to consult the party member flying about the Policies or Terms and Conditions.