Lookout Mountain Flight Park

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Our Flight Park

Just 20 minutes outside of Chattanooga, TN, Lookout Mountain Flight Park (LMFP) is the perfect mountain escape with gorgeous views of Lookout Valley.

We are a NW facing site with a world famous concrete radial launch ramp.

Lookout Mountain has over 20 miles of ridge, overlooking miles of farmland making a great site for ridge and thermal soaring. Our landing zone is 2,000 feet by 1,000 feet stretching North to South and provides a large well-groomed landing area for all pilots.

Pilots must have a current USHPA H2 rating or above and be club members of LMFP.  A Club Membership will require you to have an Active Flight Pass with us.

LMFP has completed our grassy slope PG launch adjacent to the hang glider ramp. It is rated for P2 Pilots, and this is the ramp we will use for any students who clear on a Paragliding VIP Package with us.

Our Flight Park

Whether you’re a non-pilot companion or simply taking a day off from flying, our club facilities offer plenty to keep folks entertained on the ground. The landing zone, “LZ”, includes a private swimming pool, volleyball court, creekside campground, bonfires, and clubhouse. We strive to offer regular social events every Saturday night throughout the summer, and you can almost always count on attending a bonfire to fellowship after a full day of flying.

A complete free flight resort, LMFP has amenities for both pilots and their non-flying companions. So, load up the car and come vacation with Lookout. Call today for more information.


Noise Ordinance Agreement

Per Lookout Mountain Flight Park:

We do not allow the use of motors on our property due to a long-standing Noise Ordinance Agreement that we have set into place with the surrounding residences near our park.

Apart from our authorized tug planes that perform tandems, we do not allow motorized aircrafts to land or take off from any of our park’s land including, but not limited to, our main landing zone, our mountain launch, or our training hills.

If you are interested in using a motor for paragliding or hang gliding, we highly recommend that all students start off learning how to fly without a motor before adding this on.

We would love to get you certified for standard HG or PG, but we do not offer motor training or purchases at LMFP.

Pilot Services and Gear Rentals

If you are an experienced pilot who is looking for a place to launch, or if you have a glider that needs sewing, we can help. We believe in serving the hang gliding and paragliding community – both the local pilots and the ones passing through the area.

Our pro shop is open Thursday through Monday and offers new and used gliders, harnesses, flight instruments and accessories, helmets, books, cold weather gear, parachutes, custom glider racks, and much more. If it’s related to hang gliding or paragliding, we’ve got it. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you.