AirDesign AirPack

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AirDesign AirPack
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Pamper your wing, it’ll be grateful! The careful folding and storage of your glider are the main factors in its good aging and modern gliders should be folded so as not to distort the rods in the leading edge. The AirPack allows folding accordion flat, respectful of the rods. Full-length ventilation thanks to two bands of breathable “mesh” fabric on the sides. Internal pocket dedicated to risers Two-way zipper. Sewn-in compression band, always close at hand.

Choose the right size: The size of the AirPack should be slightly larger than the max length of your gliders chord.

S (520 g): Length 2.5m, suitable for higher aspect ratio wings or small sizes (XXS, XS) of “classic” wings
M (570 g): Length 2.7m, suitable for intermediate wings (S, M) of “classic” wings
L (600 g): Length 2.9m, suitable for large sizes (L, XL) of “classic” wings