AirDesign Volt 5 Paraglider

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AirDesign Volt 5 Paraglider
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Air Design Volt 5 Paraglider

The Volt 5 is the fifth of its name and… How shall we put it? Well, it is the second generation of the first EN-C two-liner. Put another way, it’s the first EN-C two-liner to get a second generation. Or, in other words it’s now the fifth generation of Volt but the second generation of two-liner.

Get into high gear with the Volt 5. A true EN-C 2-liner.

Volt 5 – Electrifying performance

A true EN-C 2-liner for kilometer hunters, hike-and-fly athletes and every pilot looking for a high-performance but accessible 2-liner while keeping a light kit. ‘Cause “nobody likes to walk with a heavy rucksack”.

• Top Sail: Dominico DOKDO-10DSF double coated 25 g/m2
• Bottom Sail: Dominico DOKDO-10DSF double coated 25 g/m2
• Ribs: Dominico DOKDO-204432FM / Skytex 27 hard

• Top lines: Edelrid 8001/U-070, 090, 9200-035
• Middle lines: Edelrid 8001/U-130, 190
• Main lines: Edelrid 8001/U-190,230,280, 360

• Cousin 13mm Aramid
• Superlight (optional): Edelrid Taurus – 3,7mm dyneema rope

• 4.3mm JOO-TECH/Korea or AirDesign Softlinks