BGD Adam 2 Paraglider

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Ready to spice up your free time and try something new? If you want to take to the skies and discover freedom in 3D, ADAM 2 is your new best friend. It will reassure and keep you safe from your first flights onwards. Maximum safety is top priority for this school glider. It’s forgiving of piloting errors, and takes the stress out of learning to fly for students and instructors.

Faced with a spaghetti mess of lines, working out what is what can be overwhelming at first. With the ADAM 2 BGD kept things simple and clear: 20mm risers are easy to manage, and they are colored and labelled. The lines are all sheathed and colored. Excellent launch behavior makes ground-handling and getting airborne very easy, and excellent pitch, roll and yaw stability will make students feel at ease in their harness.

The ADAM 2 has long brake travel and the brake pressure ramps up to a clear stall point. Students will not accidentally stall this glider. BGD thoroughly tested spiral behaviour and there is no tendency for it to lock in.

We love beautiful, colourful wing designs, and those bright colours are a safety plus, too, so you are easily seen by other pilots. The new coloured undersurface makes it easy for instructors to identify their students from below. Three colours, Amber, Quartz and Diamond are very visible, different to each other and distinctive from above and below.


The ADAM 2 is BGD's easy-to-handle school and accuracy wing that excels not only in providing a nurturing environment for fledgling pilots to take their first steps into the air and develop soaring and thermaling skills without stress, but also in accuracy competitions. Its durability and hard-wearing construction enable it to withstand hours of ground-handling practice and heavy use in schools, ensuring it will be there to support you as you discover your wings and confidently take to the skies.


The ADAM has always been and remains a popular glider all around the world. It has taken the R&D team a long time to update this classic, because any replacement had to be better than the original without losing that much-loved character. The ADAM 2 is a whole new design, and it is even more comfortable to fly. It is easier to launch and has longer brake travel so it’s safer at slow speeds and easy to land. Bruce’s son Tyr learned to fly on the original ADAM, and our benchmark for safety is still: “safe enough for your child to learn on”.

The ADAM 2 has two more cells than the original, now 36. The aspect ratio is also a bit higher at 4.8 compared to the original’s 4.5. We decided to make it in five sizes, adding an XS to the range. We often get requests for smaller gliders for youngsters and lighter pilots, and the XS is certified from just 50kg all up.

The ADAM 2 incorporates several key technologies: Our trademark Progressive Stability means the centre is the most resistant to deforming and the tips the least so there will be no nasty surprises in turbulent air. Chord Cut Billow technology is there too, reducing ballooning and eliminating wrinkles from the sail. The elliptical cell openings on the ADAM 2 keeps the bottom surface well tensioned. This gives it good inflation characteristics, and easy reinflation after a collapse.

Durability is key for a school glider, so we’ve opted for high quality Dominico 30D, which proved itself on the original ADAM. Despite the materials being the same, new construction methods means it’s lighter than the original, at 4.1kg to 5.4kg across the range.

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