Niviuk Ikuma 3 P Paraglider

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Niviuk Ikuma 3 P Parglider


Performance, lightness and durability go hand in hand with the new Ikuma 3 P. Intuitive and accessible, you can push your own limits with the ultra-light version of our high performance EN B+ wing. Perfect for everyday XC and hike & fly, the internal structure has been optimised to minimise the overall weight of the glider while maintaining durability.

Maximum comfort
Comfort is key and the Ikuma 3 P offers it in abundance, even improving the flying experience compared to its predecessor.
Ikuma 3 P
More stable
The Ikuma 3 P stands out for its improved pitch stability. Explore altitude with confidence and exceptional performance.
Ikuma 3 P
Safety, our top priority
Thanks to the Niviuk technologies applied, the Ikuma 3 P is a high performance glider, but we have kept its high passive safety.
Ikuma 3 P
Unparalleled lightness
State-of-the-art ultralight materials have been used throughout the wing to achieve the perfect balance between weight and durability. As a result, the canopy weighs only 3.15 kg (size 22).
Ikuma 3 P
Optimised manoeuvrability
We have improved the response at the top of the brakes to provide more direct and comfortable steering. The Ikuma 3 P is manoeuvrable and responds predictably to the pilot's inputs, making it more enjoyable to fly.
Ikuma 3 P
Real performance
We have redesigned this Ikuma model to offer improved performance and an even more exciting flying experience. Technically improved as a hybrid 3/2-liner, compared to the Ikuma 2 P, drag has been reduced by 8%.
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