Parachute LARA Gold 250 With Swivel

Product Details

All hang gliding parachutes are fitted with a 25-foot bridle and a paraswivel connection between the bridle and parachute lines. The 25 foot bridle extends beyond the glider wings so that the deployment bag will reach clear air beyond the glider before the lines are pulled from the deployment bag. This reduces the chance of entanglement with the glider. The paraswivel prevents a spinning or rotating glider from twisting up the parachute lines and closing the canopy during descent.


  • Available in 3 sizes, 175, 250, and 400.
  • The standard L.A.R.A. has nylon lines and Type XVIII nylon bridle.
  • The "Gold" has Spectra lines and a Kevlar bridle that reduces weight and pack volume.
  • HG configurations include a 25-foot bridle and paraswivel.

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