Supair Eona 3

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Supair Eona 3
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EONA 3 is the new glider school of SUPAIR. Our team at design has used feedback from schools using the EONA 2 to propose a glider that best meets the criteria of a glider school.

Designed to last, it benefits from reliable and robust materials. Our aim has been to simplify the model as much as possible by reducing the number of lines and giving priority to its ergonomics. The EONA 3 is very stable in both pitch and roll, making it safe for the pilot and easy for the instructor to predict.

In school use, the easy inflation, without any hard points or overshoot, combined with an excellent grip, immediately gives the students confidence and accompanies them throughout their progress to lead them to success.

As with the EONA 2, the risers are colour-coded for easy identification of the left and right sides. The risers are also equipped with the ergonomic ear kit of the EONA.