AirDesign Rise 5 Paraglider

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Air Design Rise 5 Paraglider
Scientists are still scratching their heads. The Rise 5 doesn’t meet at all the usual equation of the so-called high B wings.
Multiple theories are emerging to explain its exceptional performance/accessibility ratio. The scientific community is in turmoil. The great professor Stieglair is said to have discovered and applied the squared Winglet theorem. Or is this magic?

EN-B certification + 2.5 liner construction + 2(pairs of winglets)
= the latest technologies available to improve high-speed performance while guaranteeing a smooth and forgiving behavior.

Rise 5 – The winglet² effect

Construction & Features

Hybrid 2.5 liner construction: 3 lines in the center, 2 lines on the tips. This saves some lines and thus reduces the drag, which also contributes to significantly increase performance at high speed

The combination of winglets on the stabilos with winglets on the top surface offers the best performance/accessibility ratio. That’s the winglet² effect!
Duralight construction: mixing light and durable materials combined with a construction that saves weight. The result is a durable and light glider
New nose guard patches on the leading edge: robustness is the key!
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