Supair Eiko 2

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The EIKO 2 is the glider light and compact all-terrain. Choose your programme!

If the EIKO 2 is above all a glider mountain, due to its lightness and its stability. The EIKO 2 is at home in rural settings and thermal skies, in calm morning or sunset flights.

The EIKO 2 ensures a fast take-off, brings a reassuring efficiency: ideal to progress thanks to its adaptability and its all-terrain character. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots: the large sizes are less demanding, while the small surfaces are designed for pilots who like tight trajectories and high speeds.

The EIKO 2 will stay with you for a long time and help you become a better pilot. It is reassuring and very forgiving and gives you the keys to improve.

Playful, easy to access, reassuring: a safe and light glider. The efforts of design and the choice of materials have sought to make it lighter... without taking anything away. To gain weight without losing quality.

Based on our renowned Eona school glider, the EIKO 2 refines and refines its positioning as a lightweight all-terrain glider.

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