Supair Visor Helmet

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Supair Visor Helmet
Product Details

Designed for cross-country and long-distance flying, its Category 3 visor helps protect you from the sun and generates less fatigue in flight thanks to the absence of relative wind on the face.

The helmets of flight SUPAIRVISOR meet the requirements of the European standard EN966 : 2012 + A1 : 2012 and comply with the EU regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment cat 2.

. The SUPAIRVISOR is manufactured in the ABS System style and has a ventilation system.

The visor is perfectly integrated. It does not interfere with the control design of the glider when inflating (open visor) nor with the pilot's field of vision in flight (closed visor). It has been designed to be used with prescription glasses.

The SUPAIRVISOR has a headband. Adjustment The chinstrap is closed by an automatic loops which can be precisely adjusted by means of a rack and pinion mechanism.

The category 3 visor has a anti-scratch treatment. It can however be ordered separately if it needs to be changed.