Woody Valley Wani 3 Paragliding Harness

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Woody Valley Wani 3 Paragliding Harness
Product Details

Wani 3


  • New design
  • More resistant materials
  • Complete with Two-step speed bar
  • Rigid polypropylene seat
  • Two new colour combinations
  • Self-inflating airbag protection
  • Enhanced rescue parachute handle
  • Redesigned rucksack
  • Optional Lightshield back protection

Why choose the new Wani 3?

Exceptional comfort
Thanks to the rigid seat board and to the padded back that spread the pilot’s weight evenly.
Very easy handling in flight
The Wanì 3 is stable and precise. It’s ideal for both beginners and more expert pilots thanks to its smooth handling. Weighing only 4,1 Kg, the Wanì 3 is great for Hike & Fly too.

Safety without compromise

Thanks to its strategic internal spring, the Wanì 3 airbag is always inflated and therefore ready to protect you from impacts.