Paragliding Discovery Tandem Flight

Fly With An Instructor...No Experience Necessary!
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Discover paragliding with a certified instructor by your side.

No experience necessary!

Take flight from our grassy slope launch on Lookout Mountain. Your instructor will guide you through the entire experience.

How It Works
  • You and your instructor will be together in a chair-like harness. You will be with your instructor the entire time.
  • After a few running steps, you can expect to be floating blissfully in the air away from Lookout Mountain. Once you are in the air, you will be able to sit back in their harness as if sitting in a chair. Enjoy the amazing views along Lookout Mountain while your instructor seated right behind you controlling the paragliding wing above.
  • When heading down to land, you can expect to slowly descend toward our large, grassy landing field. Your instructor will be guiding you the whole way on the landing process. As a passenger, you simply need to lift your legs up when instructed to slowly slide in while remaining seated in your harness. Easy peasy!

After purchasing your flight, contact our pro shop directly at 706-383-1292 to book your flight. All tandems can be booked Thursday through Monday between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM EST.

In the days leading up to your scheduled flight, your instructor will check weather conditions and contact you to confirm your specific flight time.

Some Other Helpful Info

  • Paragliding is something that YOU can do! No experience necessary! We can't wait to fly with you...
  • All of our tandem pilots are United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association certified tandem instructors that have 100's and 100's of hours in the air.

We also offer introductory learn-to-fly classes. If you would like to play on our bunny hills and experience flying solo, check out our Introductory Experience. If you catch the bug and want to really learn how to fly solo, check out our P2 VIP Package!

Should you feel you may not be able to run off of the mountainside or should you have any knee or leg issues, we recommend our Hang Gliding Discovery Tandem Flight as an option. These flights have a weight limit of 250lbs and allow guests to start on the ground and be slowly towed up behind a small plane with their instructor located immediately to the right. No running is required for these flights as you will launch and land on wheels. Hang Gliding Discovery Tandem Flights start at $149 per person.
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